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Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo 750ml MD10
Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo 750ml MD10
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CONCENTRATE SHAMPOO 750ml With obtained 3l !!!
MD10 Shampoo Yorkshire Terrier was developed for Yorkshire Terriers.
Moisturizes the skin and hair, which gives the appearance of silky smooth and shiny coat. Many dogs with the title of Champion and award winners BEST IN SHOW use this shampoo your dog look like a star.
You can use shampoo for breeds such as the Greyhound Afghan, Australian Silky Terrier dog with a light and fluffy hair, to frangible matt and woolly coat the hair.
It is recommended to be used together with conditioner Silky Smooth to get maximum results cover the hair care.
The shampoo is very efficient with 750ml get 3 liters of shampoo !!!
How dilute shampoo:
- 1 part shampoo to 3 parts warm water

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