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Super Hydration Shampoo 300ml MD10
Super Hydration Shampoo 300ml MD10
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CONCENTRATE SHAMPOO 300ml With obtains 1.2 l !!!
MD10 Super Hydration is specially formulated to provide the highest level of moisture to the hair and skin of the dog.
Shampoo helps the skin, which becomes too dry, so it is suitable for dogs with very short hair or hairless dogs.
Perfectly smoothes woolly hair, as well as moisturizes the fragile covering of long hair.
1) Shampoo for breeds with long hair:
Hydration is intensive moisturizing hair (helps in maintaining a straight cover hair).
Perfectly smoothes woolly hair while hydrating it eliminates bulkiness (hair becomes heavy and saturated).
The shampoo is also used by professional groomers and breeders breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier, Afghan Greyhounds and Shih Tzu (indicated for very dry coat).
2) The best shampoo for dogs with very short hair:
Doberman, Pinscher, Rottweiler and French Bulldog (intensely moisturizes hair and skin giving it a healthy and shiny appearance).
3) Perfect for the hairless breeds of dogs:
Chinese Crested, Mexican Hairless Dog.
Depending on the dog's coat and needs - especially for very dry or light cover - it is recommended to use conditioners Silky Smooth.
The shampoo is very efficient with 300ml get 1.2 l shampoo !!!
How dilute shampoo:
- 1 part shampoo to 3 parts warm water


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